More Workshop

Wednesday as planned, we went out shopping, I came back with my bits for the workshop, including a Pillar Drill (but I didn\’t realise it would be a box of bits, it brought a whole new meaning to \’Flat-Pack!), now my bench is starting to look cluttered!

No room for more!

To be honest, I need a table saw, but I am not going to buy one, because I want a big one, and there is definitely no space, so I have adapted some ideas from YouTube, and I am making a temporary one using my Circular Saw, the Workmate, and some timber, I\’ll post a photo when it is done, if I\’m not in hospital first!!

I am now regretting not having worn long trousers the other day, the injury to my knees are not healing, and I have no idea why, hopefully in a day or two, they will stop bleeding / weeping.
I am also making my own C-Clamps, again an idea pinched from YouTube, using cast iron ducting pipe, I have had to do a bit of experimenting, using my Pillar Drill and a tap & die set, but I am getting there, and if mastered, I will have C-Clamps, stronger, bigger, and cheaper than those I can buy, again once I have finished one, I will upload a photo.
I will be in the workshop again tomorrow afternoon, Marcela is going off to a Concert with her Sister, so it will be a boys time again, which should be interesting the way Pépe has been behaving recently, This morning he pinched the toilet scrubber from upstairs, ripped it open, and ate half the foam interior before we realised what he had done! Oh Deep Joy!!!

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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