As if we needed an excuse!

This morning I was out after breakfast, I have been following a Carpenter (Izzy Swan) on Youtube, and he got my passion for woodwork going again, so I decided, damn the noise and inconvenience, I would reorganise the \’storeroom\’ and install a micro-workshop. I went to the DIY store and ordered the wood and to have it cut, so I could get it in the car, and reduce my need to create sawdust here. However I was told it would not be ready until 11.30am, so rather than wait, I returned home.

Marcela has been suffering with a sore throat for a couple of days, I also had to meet someone off the Metro at 1.30pm to collect some tools bought on the Colombian equivalent of eBay, so I suggested we go and collect the wood together and then go for lunch, before walking over to the Metro, not that we needed much excuse, we eat out regularly as it is so cheap here.

Wood collected and put in the car, we went up to Sarku, a Japanese food kiosk, and had some imitation sushi with chicken and rice, for the money it was excellent.

We then walked over to the Metro, and met with a woman who was delivering a set of tap and dies, for some tools I am going to make.

I have to say, that I have become addicted to Youtube, there are so many Woodworkers, coming up with ideas to save money and make your own tools and jigs, I can\’t wait to get going. My plan is to make many of these gadgets, and then I will have them ready, for when I have a full sized workshop…one day!

After collecting the tools, we went back into the Centre, to do some food shopping, in the Hypermarket they have a fruit salad bar

Fruit Salad Bar

always filled with fresh fruits of many descriptions, as we passed Marcela invited me to partake, not one to want to offend…!

So I left Marcela to pick out the healthy option:
What shall we have?

There are fruits from abroad, as well as native fruits, this is all well and good, but then you can have it topped with a yoghurt of choice, then grated cheese, and the finale ice-cream! Yep, out of the window went the healthy option.

Fruit Salad?

I had Arrequipe yoghurt (Caramel), the grated cheese, and definitely the ice-cream, lovely!

So we stood in the store eating this, before finishing our shopping, and then it was home to unload.
Tomorrow the project begins to build a workbench, and then get all my tools buzzing, that should please the neighbours!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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