More delays!

I somehow knew that the Sale luck was going to continue, I have had an email today from Spain, stating that the Bank Manager dealing with the Buyer\’s mortgage application states that no decision will be forthcoming before the end of October, so my man with the Powers, has decided in his wisdom to delay his return from the UK, until the last week of October, therefore even if things happen quicker, there is nothing I can do to resolve this, probably before November.

As I stated yesterday, we went to the Funeral, I didn\’t realise before, but Miguel had converted to Judaism, as had the family, therefore it was a burial rather than a cremation, and the Cemetery was huge, with at least eight Chapel of Rests, and a constant flow of Clients.

Chapel of Rest

There was a big turn out of both Family and former Colleagues, and the unusual part for me, was that the services here are conducted by the Family, and there is not Pastor or equivalent present, this certainly makes it more personal. Initially the body lay in an open coffin in the Chapel of Rest for three hours, the family gathered around and they had prayers and chants. From there the coffin was taken by hearse to the grave, where the family continued the Service, it was all very moving, and we eventually left after four hours.

The worst part of the day, was getting home, we had to cross the City, and all roads were bumper to bumper with traffic, I was dreading walking through the door to find what Pépe had been up to, and Marcela knew this, and when we arrived at the Gates to the Urbanisation, she bailed out, and ran to the apartment, but Bless him, he had been as good as gold, six hours in a muzzle, no mess,  so the ensuing time was his, I took him straight out for a walk, he had his dinner, and then we went off again, having spent six hours in the muzzle, he was not too happy at wearing his halti collar, but needs must!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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