Valium anyone!?

On Monday I had to return to see the Spine Specialist, I told him that my back was now back to the same stage as prior to the incident earlier this year, so I was content to leave the situation alone. However he asked me what effect the tablets he had prescribed had had, and when I said I hadn\’t bought them, he was not a happy bunny, he told me that they are anti-inflammatories, and after taking them for 3 months, I should have no more problems…ever!!

These tablets cost an arm and a leg, and if they are such miracle workers, then why was I never prescribed them in the UK? I will have to think about this, because it is not a cheap option, the Specialist said, it was either this or an operation, I didn\’t respond, but I am now in the same position I have been in for the past 34 years, so do I need to do anything, I haven\’t got another appointment anyway.

As for Spain, I had heard nothing, and the Gestor kept giving different days for the Registrar putting the final signature on the Escritura, so I contacted my Representative and asked him to contact the Registro and find out, suffice it to say, it is the usual story… \’Not this week Mate! maybe next week if you are lucky\’, I suppose I should be used to this by now, a process that should have taken two weeks, will now be seven, if it goes ahead next week!  I\’d better start dusting the Christmas Decorations. Spain is falling apart, and the Government is doing nothing to improve the situation, no wonder it is going down the pan, it has been a costly experience, although I am sorry to have left the area, I will be glad to finally stop having all my money taken away from me bit by bit.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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