Too much to hope that Pépe has turned a corner!

This morning Pépe went to the Vets to have his stitches removed, he was not a happy chappie, and when he saw the Vet herself, he even threatened her with teeth barred, even though she gave him a welcome any hormonal male would have been over the moon to receive… whoops! sorry Pépe I forgot, you haven\’t got them any more ha!ha!

Anyway as a parting gesture, he opened his bowels right outside their front door, which considering it is in an agricultural supermarket, was a bit embarrassing! With the Security Guard stood there, shotgun at the ready, we couldn\’t really leg it!

This afternoon, Pépe\’s \’Halti\’ collar arrived, I had to do a few major alterations to get it to fit correctly, to give Pépe his due, I had no trouble putting the Halti on, he stood there and let me fit it, probably due to his recent muzzle fittings! then the three of us went out for a walk, what a difference, we were with a new dog as you can see here:

Pépe tried to remove the Halti a couple of times, but on the whole, he was brilliant, and as you have seen on the video, he walked on a loose leash, I know I am tempting fate, but long may it continue.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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