Hell Week!

It\’s been a stressful few days, Pépe has been off colour, and I decided it was the fact that I had changed his food from puppy, to the same make in adult, Marcela wasn\’t so sure and has had Vet consultations, as a result he has been watched carefully. I have changed his food again, and the problem seems to have settled down, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The other day, I discovered that Pépe has started his own Blog, you do have to wonder how, but it is definitely him, it is called \’Life on Four Legs\’.

The Training problems persist, things are getting better, in as much as Marcela is much more firm with him now, but he still pushes his luck, so yesterday morning I had to go out early, and whilst out, I purchased a new cage muzzle, so Pépe can still drink if wearing it, but now when he has it put on for being naughty, he thinks it is a laugh! and trots off quite happily, doing his Hannibal Lecter impersonation!

I had to go out early yesterday, otherwise it was cold showers all round, these, all in one electric shower-heads, must have a short life, having seen smoke coming from the cables, which were quickly melting, I decided to continue wasn\’t a good idea, so a new one has been installed.

This morning I received a lengthy email from Spain, the Registrar signed one of the documents yesterday, but there were two, and the other has got to wait until next week…WHY? aaaaaaah!! there is no logic behind any process in Spain, and it no wonder the Government is in such a dire state. Anyway, I am  informed that either Monday or maybe Wednesday of next week the document will be ready for collection, and then it can go to the Buyer\’s Bank for a mortgage decision.  Marcela has also spoken to the Gestor this morning, just to confirm the details we have been given, and to ensure he knows we are breathing down his neck.

After sorting that out, we went out for our massage, and on our return, opened the front door, to find a snow storm. I think that as soon as we went out, Pépe moved in to the office, and managed to get hold of a number of Marcela\’s work files, and ripped them to shreds, the dining room and lounge were covered, and he was just sat there looking like he had done us a favour. The problem was that we couldn\’t tell him off, because we hadn\’t caught him in the act, so he wouldn\’t have known what he was being scolded for.  Marcela was more upset than she would acknowledge, I think some were new policies waiting to go out to Clients, but she wont tell me, hopefully they can be replaced without too much problem.

Our problem is, that the apartment is not ours, and none of the doors have handles or locks, some have a small bolt, but on the inside which doesn\’t help, so on the vulnerable rooms, I have a piece string tied from the door to a stick on hook on the door frame, the office had the corral across to stop access, but Pépe having managed to jump via a dining room chair onto the table and done a couple of raids, the corral had other uses… now the Office is tied shut as well.

Yesterday, I took Pépe  for a long walk, and he was shattered as a result, the best he has been, so today, Marcela and I both took him out, and we are hoping for the same result! If it works this will become a regular afternoon activity, in addition to the morning and evening stroll he already has.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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