Spain Update!

Firstly, just an update on Pépe, he is now fine, he doesn\’t have to wear his cone, and he is back to being his usual self, not that I am sure that is a good thing, it all got a bit much for Marcela yesterday, but I have bought a new training manual, and we will both follow that, so Marcela knows exactly what we are doing, and we both use the same methods, that is already paying dividends, within 24 hours, and Pépe isn\’t sure what hit him (figuratively speaking that is!).

With regard to Spain, no good news yet, but at least a more detailed explanation, it turns out that the Registrar for our area quit, and they are having to rely on others coming to cover, their own areas taking priority, it doesn\’t help me, and is just another hurdle thrown in our path, but I am assured that someone will be signing the papers this coming Monday, then they can go to the Bank for the mortgage decision. I just can\’t get it out of my head that with the luck I have had throughout this process, that something is going to go wrong at the last minute, I refuse to celebrate until I know the signature is on the page at the Notary to complete the sale.

To be honest, I am surprised I haven\’t been heavily medicated, my pension went astray again this week, the company I deal with sent it, the second company in the chain said it was in my account, but it definitely wasn\’t, so the 5th day Marcela rang the third company in the chain, here in Cali, and they said they had the money as my Bank had rejected it, their fault, they had been using an old reference, which until this month my Bank had accepted, they have now updated my details, and we can eat again this month!

With regard to the massage, to lose weight, I am coming to the end of my sessions (thank goodness) I haven\’t lost as much weight as I would have hoped, but it has been more evenly distributed, so far I have lost a total of 6kg but more importantly for me, I have lost more than 32cm across my torso, and I am down a clothes size.

Marcela likewise, has lost a lost measurement wise, and moves on to further treatments, including being cast in a yeso (plaster) bodycast for five plus days, I don\’t think that will be much fun!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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