Interesting Week!

I forgot to mention last week, there are some things… no that\’s not true, many things, I find strange here, and one is the way vaccinations are allotted! Marcela had gone for her tetanus injection last month, here you have a series of four, that then last you a lifetime (after the first the second is a month later, then six months then finally a year, so a total of eighteen months), we went back for her second, and to ask about influenza injections, I couldn\’t remember when I had my last tetanus, but even so, I have no record of it, so they said I needed to have it again, but unlike women, men have to pay for tetanus,  so I will sort that out shortly, then it came to the flu jab, because I have high blood pressure, I got mine free, but Marcela has to pay!!!  The paid jabs could not be done at our Clinic, we had to go to another, they are not expensive, but we have to wait a month between any type of vaccination, so that is for the future.

I have my yellow fever and typhoid vaccinations, I had them in Spain, so Marcela asked about those for her, and they are free, but only when you have bought your travel tickets, take them and copies, along with your passport, I presume this is to avoid waste, such as happened to me in Spain!

Monday, I went to see about obtaining a duplicate driving licence in the new format, for me it is easy, they took the details, checked I had a current medical, took a new photo, I paid 120000COP ( approx £48) and was told to return the following day to collect it, but as I wouldn\’t be available, and had to return next week for Marcela, as she has to have the full medical, and arrange change of Groups, I asked if I could collect it then, which I am doing, on Thursday, all being well.

Yesterday, I accompanied Marcela to a Wedding, of a friend of hers, it was unusual, in that they have been married for some years, and have two boys, but it was Civil wedding, which is not recognised by the Catholic Church, so yesterday was their Church wedding. It was a lovely service, and different, there was no choir, the Organist also does the singing, as well as answering the chants of the Priest, a truly talented man, with a great voice! Marcela said this is common practice here, it certainly saves on choir costs.

After the Service we went to a venue, similar to the one we used, for the Reception, and this was what surprised me, I had gone, expecting to sit in the corner and watch, because I knew no one, with the exception of the Bride and her Sister, who had come to our wedding, but I couldn\’t have been more wrong, I was fully included in everything, and made to feel part of the family, The Groom, and the Bride\’s Brother could both speak \’English\’ having worked in the US for some years, so they used it as an excuse to practice, although most of the time, they had to put up with my Spanish! It was a lovely occasion, and I am glad I was invited.

We arrived home about 8.30pm, Pépe had been spoilt rotten by Maria Elena who had kindly stopped by after work, and taken him out, and kept him company. I changed, and took him out again, then he settled to become Mummy\’s boy again!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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