Bloody Vets!

We took Pépe to the Vets last night for a check up, fortunately we did not go to the Vet we had used up until now, this one is a stones throw from our Urbanisation, and only opened about a month ago. Pépe has been scratching his ears a lot, and I wanted them checking out, thank goodness we did, he has a mite infestation, poor lad, the Vet think he has had it since he was at the Breeders, and he was surprised he has lasted this long, so he gave him an injection there and then, and ear drops, we now have drops here and he is on them for ten days.

What makes me so angry, is that we took Pépe for a check up the day after we bought him, and nothing was picked up, I had put his scratching down to the hair growing in his inner ears, which we have plucked each time he goes for a haircut.  Hopefully after the treatment he will feel a bit better, but at the moment he is feeling a bit sorry for himself.

Another hurdle has raised it\’s ugly head, I\’m not complaining because it is long overdue, but Colombia is in the process of changing it\’s Driving Licence system, starting on the 15th of this month, this will bring it in line with International Standards. However it does mean I have got to change mine, and definitely before I go back to the UK, because there is no expiry date on mine, although it is for ten years, and without that, I will not be able to rent a car under the new system, something I am glad about is that my two licences will be combined on one in line with the European set-up.

What I don\’t know yet, is whether I will have to go through the hassle of paying for another medical or whether because I have only had them fifteen months they will issue me with a replacement. As for Marcela, she is pretty sure she will have to go who the hoops and be certified medically fit!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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