The Houdini of Bello!

What a week… Marcela had decided that despite all her efforts, on the exercise bike, weights etc. she was struggling to get back into shape, so she has been to see a woman locally who does massage, injections etc. with guaranteed weight loss, she asked if I wanted to go to, but being somewhat sceptical, I said I would wait and see how she fared!

However, after thinking about it, I decided that as it was guaranteed, nothing would be lost by trying, so I signed up as well, this woman thinks that in two and a half months I will have lost 20kg !! that would be some going because I don\’t remember the last time I was 96kg, probably in the womb!!!!!! It will be interesting to see if it works, I have started on the change of food regime, it is not really a diet as such, in that there is no going without, just more fruit and veg, yeeeeees I know, not my favourite, but it\’s only for ten weeks, so I think I can manage that.

Marcela has had a complete round of the treatments now, the first is a heat gel, and wrapped in cling film, the second, yesterday was a massage, and apparently that is more like a pummelling than a massage, and you get the bruises to prove it, then today she had the first of the injections, which breaks up your fat lairs, whether it works remains to be seen. I start my sessions on Wednesday, but it means early rises, as most of the appointments are at 7am… does the woman never sleep, apparently her first appointment is at 6am, for those wanting to be assaulted, before they go to work!

Today we went out shopping, and got delayed, so we were out for five hours, on our return found Pépe wandering around downstairs, having escaped from his coral, in addition to the little present he left us under the dining room table, were three chewed CDs, my Bagpipe music, the Christmas Carols, and the third, we have not found yet, only the cover, I think Marcela believes he has good taste, because she has been laughing about it, but I wasn\’t very happy! Now we will have to think again about how to contain Pépe when we go out.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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