A Quiet Week!

There is not much to report this week, thank goodness, just day to day normality, doesn\’t that sound boring, but after the last couple of weeks that has been a godsend!

We have had a small problem with our baby, he has a plastic toilet tray in his corral, with artificial grass on a raised platform, it is a great idea, but despite all the toys Pépe has, he has insisted on lying alongside it, chewing the tray, and then the grass, which he then proceeds to pull out of the tray making a mess on the floor. The main problem was that if he continued to  chew the tray, it would no longer hold liquids!

A bit of research, and Colombia being Colombia, none of the recommended sprays are available here in any form, so that left us with the recommended \’Tobasco\’, so yesterday Marcela and I went on a hunting trip to the Supermarket, and they had Tobasco at 17000COP a bottle, just under £6, but they also had local bottles of spicy chile sauce at 1600COP or 50p, so it was a no contest.

Back home, I washed his toilet tray, and coated the corners of the tray and grass with the newly found sauce, and within a minute he was there! but not for long ha!ha! Marcela thought I was being cruel, but his face was a picture, and so far we have had no more chewing… long may it last!

Am I a Schnauzer or a Panda?

I have more time to go out with Pépe now, I have left the Forum I was Moderating, it had become a full time job, with no reward, and after asking for some help, I received a veiled threat that if I didn\’t put in enough hours I would be removed. I decided that if that was the thanks I got, then they could find someone else to do their work for them, and after the initial disappointment, it has actually been a relief.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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