Thank God that\’s Over!

OK…I found out yesterday that the 20 business days takes us to July 2nd, the Document then has to go to the Registro to be logged, they hope it should be back from there by the 8th (Some hope!) then it has to go to the Notary to be authenticated, before going to the Bank for a mortgage offer, and they think this can be done by mid July, and \’Pigs might fly\’!  The problem is that everything official closes for the whole month of August, so to be honest, I don\’t believe it will be finished before September, yes I am pessimistic, and after this debacle, I think I have the right to feel that way.

This week has been horrendous, I transferred my Pension a week last Thursday night (Friday UK), Monday, I had not even had confirmation of the receipt of my transfer, so I contacted the Company to be told their link with Colombia had broken and they had been working on it since Friday, by Wednesday it still hadn\’t been fixed, so I asked for a refund, and used another company, but they transfer in Dollars, not the local currency, which creates a bit more work this end. I received confirmation the same day that my money had reached my account, so we went to the Bank, which was packed, waited two hours and submitted the forms, later I received an email to say there was a problem. Marcela rang the Bank, I don\’t think there is much security here, because they have always dealt with her on my behalf, without any authorisation! they said the money was not there. I rang the UK, who said being Colombia it might take an extra day.

Thursday, still no money, back to the Bank, another two hour queue, to find the amount that had arrived was $4 less than that declared, so it was stuck until I sorted it out. Again I contacted the UK, who said it might have gone through a second Bank on route, who would have taken another fee. As you can imagine I was not happy, because all the paperwork has to match up. Finally my local Bank, agreed just to accept new forms, and the money went into my account Friday night.

Pépe is in disgrace, he was caught eating a leg of one of the Dining chairs, unfortunately he made a good job of it, but I have decided to do nothing about it until we move, and I have a workshop, if that ever comes about! Tomorrow, Pépe is back to the Vets to have his final vaccination for this year.

We ran into the lad who sold Pépe to us, in the Supermarket, he was asking after him, and then informed us that Pépe\’s siblings had died, he suspected they had not been vacaccinated by their new owners, he believed it may have been parvo, horrible disease.

Marcela, has decided to start up a side-line in corsets… well they are the modern day equivalent, I prefer to call them body-shapers! After much research she found a make, that does not show under your clothing, and generous to a \’T\’ the company actually produce two for men! Marcela now needs to get the word out, but through her colleagues, and friends, that should not be too hard, I have also created a free website for her, so potential clients can see the products available, they then contact Marcela for prices, and she takes them to the house, you can see the web site at Mujeres Fashion (sorry, for obvious reasons it is in Spanish!)

Hopefully next week will be better!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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