Time Flies!

I doesn\’t seem over a week since my last post, although I have put another Restaurant on the review page, Marcela took me out for a lovely meal, somewhere I had never been before, but will definitely be returning!

Pépe had his third vaccination on Sunday, I thought they had six here, but we were told the next could be combined with the Rabies jab, so although it is five, he will only have four. However we have decided to change out Vet, because when I go in to enquire about something, York is blunt and unhelpful, when Marcela is with me, she feels he is staring at her all the time, and he doesn\’t stop smiling, weird!!!

Pépe is growing so fast, and is super intelligent, he is still a pain in the backside at times, but he rarely has an accident now, using his \’toilet\’, and also going whilst we are out walking! Also finally I think he is getting the message that Marcela is not his personal chew! It was worrying me a bit, mainly because she would not be firm enough with him, but that has changed!

I had some good news today, the Spanish Deeds/Escritura are back from the Fiscal, and have been accepted, they now just have to be signed off by the Judge, then the sale can go ahead, which I am told could be as soon as a couple of weeks. I have now just got to pray that the Buyers Bank will not change their mind on giving him a mortgage!!

The weather has certainly reminded us what season it is, we have had not stop rain for 24 hrs, and whilst we were out yesterday, there was a lightening strike nearby, knocking out the electric for a few hours, when we went to bed last night, I actually felt cool for the first time, and had the bed clothes round my chin, but that must have changed during the night because I woke up warm, and without them!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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