Mother\’s Day!

Pépe seems to be getting bigger by the day, he still has not worked out why he is taken out for walks, and other than squatting and showing him, I think we are just going to have to be patient, he waits until he is back in the apartment before going!

He has also made our lounge glass top coffee table his second home, why? I am not sure, it can\’t be very comfortable!

Pépe\’s Den

Yesterday, was Mother\’s Day in Colombia, and here it is taken far more seriously than anywhere I have ever been before, Mother is well and truly thanked for her efforts throughout the last year, more so, than at Christmas or Birthday, so we went out for lunch, leaving here we thought early at 12 midday, arriving before 12.30pm, only to have to wait a few minutes for a table, as the Restaurant was already full, having opened at 11am!!!!

Left to right; Sandra, Sebastian, & Maria Elena
Him & Her!

It was a nice meal, although the place was struggling to keep up with service, and we waited a long time to be served.

Sandra had an added bonus thrown in free, of a lovely fat fly in her bowl of cazuela!
We decided to move on to our favourite ice-cream parlour for dessert, and as we left, we decided that we were glad not to have left our arrival any later. They had set up canopies in the car park, full of chairs, with people waiting for a table, all having been given numbers, and hoping they would be served before dark!
But it was no different in the Mall, all the Restaurants had queues a mile long, so we had our ice-creams and headed home.
Once home, I stayed there with Pepe, whilst there was a \’Girlie Get Together\’ at Maria Elena\’s house.
We are back in the Fiesta season, and the neighbours were not going to let us forget it, they were all partying outside, and unfortunately we did not have the rain on our side this time, but I was prepared, I had dug out my \’workshop earplugs\’ and used them, I slept like a baby, but unfortunately I woke in the night, to find it was quiet, so took them out, only to be woken by Pépe at 5.30am  so we had been out walked and returned by 6am… Now if I can just stay awake for the day!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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