A Good Week

Pépe is coming on in leaps and bounds, he is 98% house trained, he just lets us down when he gets excited, but then he is only a puppy. He has started his training, and will now sit on command, but once excited…forget it! He has also now been out of the house a couple of times, we just mooch along the verge outside the urbanisation, and let him play, he hasn\’t got the hang of going for a walk yet, however he is certainly intelligent, he started climbing the stairs, so we started off with boards to block his access, but that was not very convenient for us, so I bought a stairgate, and the little bugger managed to squeeze through on the hinge end, I thought I had wasted my money, but managed to tie a piece of wood into the gap, until he is a little bit bigger, he then tried the other side, and got his head stuck, you should of heard the commotion, I had to stop Marcela going to his aid, he got free, and hasn\’t tried it again!

I have been for my 3 monthly BP check today, saw a different Doc, but overall she was happy enough, and gave me my next appointment for 4 months. When checking in, I was give the Radiographer\’s report on my X-rays, so we showed them to the Doc, who admitted she was no expert, but from the report she didn\’t think there was much wrong, which has worried me even more, because the X-rays and reports from the UK over 20 years ago, said different, and that my back would only deteriorate. Don\’t get me wrong… I would be over the moon if my spinal column has made a miraculous repair, but I don\’t see that happening.

We went out for lunch today, a little local restaurant at the top of the road, and had the equivalent of menu of the day, two courses and a drink, 11000 COP (£3.85) for the two of us! We had to ask the girl to repeat herself, and it was good food as well. I suggested to Marcela that she could go back to work full time now, and I would eat at the Restaurant for less than £2 a day, as you will have probably guessed, that did not go down very well, ha!ha!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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