The Medical Process

I drank my half a pint of laxative last night, suffice it to say, I didn\’t get much sleep. This morning we arrived at the Medical Center early as advised, and I was only waiting half an hour, and we were called through. The Radiographer was friendly and efficient, and to my surprise, I wasn\’t given the X-rays themselves, but they transfer them onto CD, and give you the CD for further use, which I had never heard of before. Unlike UK where the Hospital file the X-rays, in Spain they give you the whole deal, and you have to store them, this is a much better idea. I was then told that the report to go with them would be ready by May 6th, so to go ahead and book an appointment for after that date.

So from there back down the corridor to the PAC Office (for those on the supplementary plan), where I was given the details of the Spine Specialist in Clinica Medellin, I am to contact him Monday, and should have an appointment for the week following the issue of the Report.

In the meantime, I am very restricted in what I can do, thank goodness for Marcela, she is an Angel, but I do not see how you can fault the System, when you get that level of treatment.

Yes, I am paying for the Premier Plan, but it is not expensive, it covers all existing ailments, which a Private Policy would not do, and I am being sent to see at top Specialist in a Private Clinic in Medellin.

I would have been waiting months for the same treatment in the UK, I realise I have fallen lucky, because some of the other sub-contractors have a terrible reputation. However I was informed today that from May 1st, the Government take over the Health Service, and some of the better sub-contractors will be working for them, including Comfenalco, so other than a name change, I have been assured nothing will change for me, although hopefully others who have had bad service, will now get a better deal.

Now I have opened my mouth, I hope things continue in this positive way, but I felt I had no option but to defend a system which keeps getting bad reports.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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