Where does the time go?

Saturday, as planned Marcela, Maria Elena and I went off to Guatapé, about an hour and a half away, and until now, one of our favourite places.

As we approached Guatapé we noticed that a lot of the land on either side of the road had been stripped back to the bare earth, to make way for building plots, which spoiled the scenery. Then on arriving in Guatapé we were upset to see that the level of the Reservoir had dropped by 25-30m.

The water level used to be up to the grass, bottom right!

On speaking to the Locals, it appears that they are just as upset as we were, the water has had to be used to top up other reservoirs across the country, and also being a Hydro-Electric Dam, it has been over used to supply electric not just for Colombia, but also Venezuela and Ecuador. Unfortunately those nearby have been left to suffer. Guatapé relies on Tourism for it\’s major employment, Hotels with their own boat transport, have been left high and dry

Where there was water, now just a trickle

Property Owners on the waterline had boathouses, that are now useless and as can be seen from the following photo, the land is sliding into the water as it dries out.

Water was up to the treeline

Signs around the area now redundant

No Bathing!

We still had a nice day, and even went on a boat trip to see how the rest of the area was effected

Marcela and Maria Elena

But now you have to walk across boards on the mud flats, and watch out for electric and speaker cables, whilst getting out to the boats.

Hopefully the coming wet season will resolve the problem, but the Locals doubt it, and their requirements are small in comparison to the other needs of the Country, again the little man loses out… or will they, watch this space!
I have bought a small portable oven, I am fed up with only having the hobs and a microwave to cook with, as it looks as if we will still be here for some time, I decided I had to make the investment, like many of our other appliances it is Black & Decker, which still seems strange to me, if you can\’t drill with it or cut wood!!
Now we can expand our menu, not that I am complaining, Marcela is a great cook, but it gives us other options.
Yesterday morning I was downstairs earlier than usual, when I thought I heard a voice from above \”Amor….\” I went upstairs to find one upset lady, and then saw a gecko running up the wall into the ceiling, it turned out that Marcela had been woken, by the Gecko running up her body in bed, I think it was the shock of the intimacy rather than anything else! I explained that having a gecko in the house is good luck, and maybe we should go out and buy a few more lottery tickets ha!ha!
Later in the morning we went off to Medellin for my acupuncture appointment, I wished I hadn\’t, 20 minutes after leaving the office, I was in agony, far more than I had been before the appointment, and I am back to square one. So now I will have to try and find another, I think that Dr (?) Pedro Luis Estrada is a quack, more into alternative medicines and not much good at acupuncture.

This lunchtime, Marcela took a call from her sister, she had been the victim of an armed robbery, she had gone to the cash-point during her lunch break, to get some money from an ATM, a couple (man and woman) approached quite innocently, then the man drew a pistol on her and demanded she withdraw the max, which she did. She then saw a passing Security Guard, and shouted for help, at which the woman grabbed her purse and ran, followed by Security, the man went in the opposite direction. Fortunately she was not injured, but she has lost money she can ill afford to lose, as well as other personal items in her purse…not a nice experience.

The rest of this week, both Marcela and I have a number of commitments to keep us busy, so we wont have time to sit around.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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