Wednesday morning Marcela rang Migración, and my Cedula had finally arrived, so it was straight in the car and headed over to collect it, they were working on a skeleton Staff as it is Holiday week, so I had to wait an hour, but  finally came out clutching that finally makes Colombia my home. Now we have just got to go round all the official bodies so they can copy and upgrade my status.

Spain, the legal process for the new Escritura drags on, but after giving everyone a headache over there, they have come back to say, that the actual House Sale can go ahead prior to completion of the process, subject to the Buyer\’s Bank agreeing, this will cut it by about three weeks, then instead of the Papers going and being registered in my name, they can be registered straight into the name of the Buyer. However we are still a few weeks away from that stage yet, I am just keeping everything crossed that Spain does not go the same way as Cyprus.

This week being Easter week, is full of National Fiestas, we had Monday, yesterday and today, so far only last night was noisy, and that wasn\’t the music it was the drunken Revellers at the house across the way, fortunately some time in the night it started raining, which put an end to their jollies!

The weather turned back to summer again this week, although today you wouldn\’t think so, I have given up trying to work out what it will be like, and take each day as it comes! We certainly get better weather here than in the UK, so I am not complaining.

Tomorrow, weather permitting 🙂 we (Marcela, Maria Elena and I) are going off to Guatapé for the day, I am looking forward to getting out of the apartment for a while.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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