A bit more activity.

Still been suffering with my back, so I made the decision, with a bit of prompting, to go and see an Acupuncturist, when I had prolonged problems back in the UK, I went, and I swear by them. Anyway yesterday we went into the City for the appointment, a very genial fellow, somewhat more rotund than me, which made me feel better :). However I came away feeling poor, he is not only an Acupuncturist but also into magnets and life improvement, I didn\’t even see a needle, because he wanted me to take some tablets for this, that, and the other so my body would be receptive to the needles, and line his wallet at the same time. He also put some minuscule magnets in my right ear, to help relieve the pain, but he didn\’t ask first, then I found them on the bill.

I have got my next appointment in a week, and I\’ll be ready for him this time, I\’ll pay for the quoted acupuncture and nothing more. However I have to say, that these magnets in my ear seem to have eased the pain, quite what all the other tablets do I have no idea, well I have… but I\’m not discussing that here! 😀

There is still no sign of my ID / Cedula, I can\’t say I am surprised, and I doubt it will be here next week, because it is Semana Santa and Offices are only open Tuesday and half day Wednesday, the rest of the week is \’Party Time\’, I\’ll have to get my earplugs out.

The weather is still \’wet season, although the Meteorological Dept. tell us this is an unseasonal glitch, and the sun will be back this week, and the Wet Season will not start \’proper\’ until mid April, and last until mid June, if they are as reliable as those in every other Country, I will just wait and see.

We very nearly ended up adopting a dog this week, Marcela surprised me, her attitude towards dogs (as long as they are medium to small) has totally changed. Anyway last weekend she went for her regular session to have her nails done, only to return with a camera photo of a one eyed Spaniel, she knew absolutely nothing about the dog, other than it\’s name was \’Kelly\’ and it had been brought over from the USA, but the owner lived on his own, and was in an Apartment where dogs are not permitted, which seemed a bit strange, and the dog was with friends, who were trying to re-home it, she had one eye following an problem with it years ago. Marcela had met Kelly, and fallen in love!

I told Marcela that I needed to know more about the dog, before we committed, especially after our previous experience, having a dog in the apartment is not ideal. Did it have papers? I suspected it did, as it had travelled from the US, how old was she, she was reportedly overweight, and had a big lump on her side, I wanted confirmation this was not a tumour.

Anyway a week went by, and Marcela had her next session, it turned out that Kelly was 6 years old, and the lump was a fatty lump or hernia due to her weight condition, nothing more serious than that. Marcela came back with the news, so I said that before making a final decision, I wanted to see the dog, this was when things changed. It turned out that during the week, the friends had grown attached to Kelly, and made the decision to keep her themselves.  I think this was for the best, I still believe a dog in an apartment is not ideal, despite the number that do live in them. However at this rate, who knows, we may still be here this time next year, and a lot can happen in that time.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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