More car problems

Thursday, Marcela had been into the city for a meeting, about teatime, I received a call from Security, and as usual, I popped my head out of the window at the same time, because it usually means a visitor or delivery, and there was Marcela stood looking despondently at the car. Clutch problems again… fortunately it is a cable clutch, so I was able to adjust it, with some help from YouTube. However the following day we went out again, and three times I had to alter the cable, in the end we called at Marcela\’s Uncle\’s Garage, and he wound the cable right in, no further problems…so far.

But that was not the only problem, one of the back tyres, had been losing air, not badly, but I had to top it up every two weeks, Friday morning, we were just leaving to test the clutch, when I noticed that the second back tyre was nearly totally deflated, and found a big nail stuck in the tyre, so blowing it up in the hope it would get us to the local tyre centre, before I had to change the tyre, we set off. On arrival we found there was a nail in both tyres, but here they repair them in an old fashioned way, you don\’t have inner tubes, they put the patch we would have put on an inner tube, on the inside of the tyre!!! I am not sure how safe this is, but if it works, and gets us to the point of changing the car, I won\’t say a word, and only £8 for the two puncture repairs!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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