Cedula granted

Marcela was up early this morning, for her 7am is early!! well when I say \’up\’, I woke her with a cup of tea, as we had to be out of the house for 9am, to go to the Ministerio de Migración in Medellin to renew my Cedula (ID Card), we arrived, having crossed the City and without getting lost on the way! and as I walked up to the Building it hit me… I had forgotten my passport, BUGGER!! I had double checked every other bit of paper, but not even given my passport a thought.

So we headed back to Bello, deciding we would pick up the passport, go and do some other jobs, have lunch then return.

Having picked up the passport, we went to visit a very snotty Optician, who agreed that I could have the refund after their abysmal service, but it would be the end of the month before I received it.

We then had lunch which was Cazeula de frijoles, I had not had it before, but it was lovely, more about that on my food page. Afterwards it was back to Medellin, this time with everything I needed. The waiting room was packed, but I was soon called forward, and told that there would be no problem, however because they are now going to give us the proper cards(Cedula) I would not be receiving a replacement Centraseña (Temp Cedula) which I have had to muddle through with all year, however it would be a month before it was issued. We will see… watch this space! I then had to wait again, before going to have my photo and fingerprints taken again, I have had them taken more times here than the UK or Spain! and that, as they say, was that, Job done!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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