No more Varifocals

I thought I had better give everyone a break, so I am starting a second Post!

This morning we took it easy, although we went to bed early and were asleep by 9pm, I didn\’t sleep for any longer, and was up at 5am!

After lunch we went out, we had to go to the Bank and pay in advance for my Contraseña, which I will apply for tomorrow, and unfortunately for the \’Boss\’, she is not even allowed in the Building, so will have no control over what happens ha!ha!

After visiting the Bank, we went to seek advice from a second Optician, I have never been happy with my Varifocals, I don\’t think the prescription is right for one thing, I can see better with my old glasses. Now after they had to alter them three times due to their error with the prescription, the non-reflective film has started coming off.

After seeking advice, we went back to the original Optician, and had a head to head with the stroppy c@w, who also happens to be one of the Opticians I saw, she tried to make out it was my fault and not the glasses, however when she saw that I was not backing down, she asked us to take the original receipt in, and hopefully we will get a refund, but as it is a Chain (Multi Optica) it wont be overnight!. I\’ll have to go back to individual pairs, which is a  nuisance, but can\’t be helped. The Optician insists Varifocals will always be a compromise, which I will not accept.

From there we went and had a coffee, before starting our first diet shop of the year, all that Fruit and Veg, it can\’t be healthy for you!!! 🙂

I have had an email from Spain, still no news, the Court Waller who is doing my paperwork, is still on holiday until tomorrow, so I should know the state of play by the week-end, I have let it be known in no uncertain terms how I will react if they haven\’t got some good news! In the mean time, I am trying to get the Money Transfer Company I use, ready and waiting, by completing all the necessary paperwork, so that there are no further delays once everything goes through.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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