Bye-Bye Christmas!

Well…Christmas has been and gone! Now to get ready for New Year.

Christmas Eve was different from anything I have experienced before, with our plans being out of sync with what I am used to, I started the day off  by phoning the family back in the UK to wish them a happy Christmas, which proved I had lost the plot!  Marcela spent the afternoon preparing the Family meal, I helped where I could, but she knew what she was doing, and I hadn\’t a clue. I was surprised at how little help she received from the rest of the Family, but she didn\’t seem to mind, and soldiered on, preparing a lovely spread, some things I had never tasted before, and thoroughly enjoyed… don\’t ask!! I can\’t even remember the names.

True to form, the neighbours all struck up their music, getting louder and louder as they tried to drown out the others, there was no point at all in us trying to listen to our music, which was a shame.

Marcela\’s Uncle and his family, arrived about 10.30 pm, and then the celebrations began, I understood some of what was being said, especially talking to my Brother in law Oscar, he speaks slow enough for me, and I also understand Marcela\’s Uncle, but as for the rest, I just nodded my head and smiled.

Everyone left between 1.30 – 2am then we tidied up,with Maria Elenas help, before going to bed, but as on all these occasions, there was not much chance of sleeping, due to the Music, which carried on for 36 hours non stop, by the time it finally finished, I have to admit to feeling suicidal, it might be the culture, but how they even stand to be near the Speakers I have no idea, they certainly couldn\’t hold a conversation, with the walls to our apartment drumming to the beat, there is no way they could enjoy it! Oh Well I suppose we had better prepare for New Year and a repeat performance! I will be glad when we can move.

Christmas Day itself was spent flaked out from a combination of a late night, and no sleep. Then yesterday it was back to normal for most people, and work.  We went and did some food shopping, and then on our return, I made a big batch of soup for the freezer, as I had had to use up my supply, to make room for the Christmas food,  I then prepared a curry for todays lunch.

Did I enjoy Christmas? despite how it sounds, yes I did, except for the din, being with Marcela for our first Christmas (Last Christmas doesn\’t count!) I feel really lucky, and the time we have together is magical, the one thing we have yet to get over to her family, is that they want and have their privacy, Marcela is now married and entitled to hers, once we get that sorted, everything will be fine.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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