Keeping busy!

Well I was warned!  Last Friday night was horrendous, the fireworks started early, and although the official ones lasts about an hour or so, the rest went on well into the  night. Music… thank goodness I had looked out a set of earplugs, a few houses all had their speakers outside, and not small ones at that, and they were all playing different music, this went on until 1am, then all but one stopped, the other carried on at full blast until 6am, at which time I was already up, then another started again at 9am!!

This has gone on, at varying degrees all week, and I am sure will continue, I have said that when we can eventually move, we will be at least 10km from the nearest neighbour. 🙂

My TEFL course is progressing, I have now completed three assignments, and not got less that 90%, which I am please with, but I am sure that level will not be maintained as things get harder, there are ten assignments in all, but you have to complete and submit lesson work as well.

Today, we took the car for it\’s annual \’Revision\’ ( MOT /ITV ) and surprisingly it passed. I thought wrongly that the Test Centres were Ministry run, but they are not, it is a bit like the UK in that they are privately owned, but Ministry certified, albeit, they only do the tests on site, nothing else. Also the standards are not that high. e.g. the Handbrake only has to be 18% efficiency, suspension 50% etc. so it is not that hard to get a car through the test.

I think I have finally got used to my varifocal spectacles now, it has taken a while, and I still have lapses, especially when I am tired, but on the whole, it is not too bad, and better than having to find one of three different pairs of glasses!

As I said previously, everyone has been putting their decorations up since the beginning of the month, but this last week, many more neighbours have been putting their outside lights up, with varying degrees of taste. I still don\’t understand why people do it, I am not paying for others to view lights I can not see!

We have booked to go on a Chiva again ( open bus), yes I know after the last time, I am just a glutton for punishment, but I want to see the Christmas lights, I have heard so much about how magnificent they are, so this tour takes us along the City lights and out to two neighbouring areas as well, I will make sure I am well wrapped up this time. I want to be able to video the lights, and then I can upload it to YouTube, for you to see.

Lastly this week, I have booked our flights to Bogota, for January 8th, we are going there and back in the day to hopefully complete my Visa renewal. It means leaving here about 3.30am to catch a flight to arrive in time for the Office opening at 7.30am, and then we arrive back at Medellin Airport about 7pm, so it will be a long day, but hopefully that will be it for a couple of years.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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