Where do all the days go?

Thursday we had an early start, as we were acting as stand-in Parents for Sebastian, who was having his Pre-school Graduation, we were told we had to be at the location for 8.30am, but we had to go and pick up Sebastian first, as it turned out we did not get access to the Building until 9.15am and the event did not start until 9.30am, so you can probably guess that I was not best pleased, and that is putting it mildly!

Each Class sang a Christmas song, then all the Children were called up one by one to receive a certificate, they found a reason to make sure every child got one, unfortunately Sebastian being Sebastian, he was so excited after having received his, and was rushing back to show us, he did not look, and came down the steps from the Stage quicker than he intended, but fortunately he only suffered shock, no injuries.

We then went further into town for breakfast, before heading to the Centro Comercial for Marcela and Sebastian to go to Kids Centre, I think Marcela enjoys it as much as Sebastian! whilst they were engrossed in there, I went to my Kids Centre, and looked at the tools!!!

Then it was lunchtime, so we went to Kikorikos where Sebast had a healthy chicken burger, not  Mc D\’s crap!  Back home, I did some work on the computer whilst the others had a short siesta, then they went to the swimming pool, whilst I had a nap, or tried to, because the phone kept going, but Marcela was a trooper, because she said the water was freezing!

Yesterday we had to be in Medellin for 11am, for Marcela to meet a Client, I mooched around the shops for an hour whilst she was busy, then we went for an early lunch, and found a new Restaurant, California Burrito Co. which you can read about on my Restaurant Review page, after which we went to buy books for Marcela to read.

Once we had finished in that part of the City, we headed over to the Notaries Office to get a Notarised copy  of our wedding certificate, and to have a letter from Marcela to the Immigration Dept. Notarised to request that she wants me to stay in the Country (I didn\’t have her arm up her back… I promise) ready for my Visa renewal in January, it isn\’t due until 27th, but we have decided to fly to Bogota the first week, and then if there are any problems I have got time to rectify them, before being thrown out of the country!

From there it was across the City again to Marcela\’s Uncle, because the reversing lights were not working, and the car is coming up to the date for it\’s annual inspection, although Marcela states as long as it has four wheels, it would pass! Anyway it turned out that the switch in the engine compartment had a problem, but inside ten minutes, Hernan had it fixed and we headed home.

Today, we have been gadding about and along with the previous couple of days, completely forgotten that we are on a diet, well… I did. Although Marcela kept reminding herself, it didn\’t stop her indulging 🙂  We will have to get back on track next week.

Another Factoid for the brain cells!  The other week we were driving in part of Medellin I had not previously been, when we passed a modern complex with a big sign \’Clínica de la Policía\’, I asked Marcela about it, and apparently the Police have there own Hospital for security reasons, along with everything else they might need for day to day life. In the current situation here, I can understand that. At least the Police and their Families know that they will be looked after, and not have to worry.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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