Good News for a change!

Sunday afternoon, I felt a bit better, so we headed off to visit Marcela\’s Great Uncle, and Family, and some sized family it is to, don\’t ask how many I lost count, but they all made me feel so welcome and part of the family, it was lovely. I had met many of them briefly at our Wedding, but since then, only seen one or two. We had a great afternoon, and they even had me playing Bingo!

Yesterday morning we had a call to say that my Spectacles were back…again! But the nice surprise, was that the Laboratory Chief had contacted the Shop to say that the problem had been their fault, and they had been making the wrong prescription lens, so I didn\’t need a new frame after all.

So yesterday afternoon, we headed off and picked up my Varifocals, I think, it will take some time to yet used to them, I feel as if my head is going to fall off my shoulders, I am having to move it so much, but I am fairly sure they have got it right this time. Although I have made the decision that when reading my book in bed at night, I will use my old reading glasses, because I had neck ache last night from moving my head all the time!

This morning I went to the Laboratory for my blood and \’P\’ tests as part of my blood pressure checks, I went on line for the results this afternoon, and was pleased to see that all but two were within the \’normal range\’, my cholesterol having come down over 80 points, and the two that were not normal were just 0.1 below the range, so I think I\’m here for a bit longer yet, it will be interesting to see what the Doc says, we have got to pop in with the results.

We had another email from Spain this afternoon, it looks as if everything is finally on track, and now it is just down to the Court to sanction the new Deeds, they have said it will take two months, then we have to arrange to sign for the Sale, I just hope the Bank haven\’t changed their mind on giving José a mortgage, but after reading the offer Spain is making today on any Foreigner who purchases a property over €160,000 will get automatic Residency, I don\’t think a local is going to have much problem, I\’ll scream if he does!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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