Christmas has arrived in Colombia!

I forgot to say in my last Post, that I had been back to the Optician, they are now saying that my frame was too big!!! I decided to give the varifocals one last try, so had to choose another frame, strange how the woman kept coming out with the most expensive options… No luck, I chose the cheapest, not being a fashion Guru, as long as they work, I don\’t care. I made sure I told her that I wanted my old frames back, so I can re-insert my computer lenses.

I have finally had to give in, everyone has been putting their Christmas decorations up over the last week, it wasn\’t my intention to follow suit until the beginning of December, but with the help of Maria Elena, they went up yesterday! Just enough to look Christmasy, without buying decorations, we can not use next year in our own place, well, that is if the house is sold by then!

The weather has changed again, still very humid but lots of cloud and torrential rain, it is at times like this that you see the quality of building workmanship, or lack of it. I was lying in bed this morning, looking up at the ceiling, which is typically just tongue and grooved timbers, stained and varnished, above that goes exterior plywood panels, then a plastic sheeting weather barrier, and on top of that the tiles are just loose laid. The problem is that the plastic sheeting has been attached by nailing or stapling, and the wet seeps through cracked tiles, through the holes of the attaching nails/staples, and eventually through to the inside. I could see the T&G turning dark from the damp along the joists. It does make you wonder what is in store for us in the future, I might end up having to re-roof myself, that would be interesting!!

We are supposed to be going out after lunch, to visit Marcela\’s Great Uncle in Medellin, but I have been up half the night, suffice it to say, I think some \’fresh\’ orange juice in the fridge, was no longer that fresh! So I am not sure, if I am safe to go yet, if not I will stay here whilst the rest of the Family go a visiting.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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