Give me a Gun!!!

Yesterday afternoon, Marcela and I went to see the film Skyfall, it is the first James Bond Film I have seen for ages, it was OK, it seems to have been brought up to the present day, without tonnes of fancy gadgets, I was sorry to see \’M\’ (Judy Dench) killed off, but I suppose she had passed retirement age! Marcela thought it was a great film, but for me, none beat the days of Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

On our return from the Cinema, we saw them setting up the Club area, for yet another Fiesta, which we knew meant not much sleep, but at that time we didn\’t realise just how little sleep we were going to get! Once Marcela had worked out which house was organising the event, we knew it wasn\’t good, it is a block of apartments all of the same family, and described by Marcela as local mafia, when they have a party it is always loud, and last night was no exception.

The music went on at full volume until 2am and stopped! We couldn\’t believe it, they were actually complying with the Urbanisation rules… No, not a bit of it, ten minutes later and the music started again from their apartments, and it is still going now, at past 8.35am. We won\’t be fit for much today, and we are supposed to be going out for a run with Marcela\’s Mum for lunch, it is a good job I haven\’t got a gun, otherwise I might be tempted to use it.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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