Where is that damn Spider?

Having done a couple of interim Posts, there is not much to report today, my Post on passing my time, was done with an ulterior motive, because the photo editting software I was talking about, gave me the opportunity to have a free licence, if I included details of it in my Blog, and I now have that licence!!!!

Saturday night we went out to a  Spanish Tapas Restaurant in Medellin, the details of our visit to Montaditos is on the Restaurant Review Page. It was lovely food, but being higher up the side of the mountain it was cold, I was glad to have my leather jacket with me.

Sunday lunchtime, I went upstairs to get changed as we were going out shopping, I took my jeans from the closet, put them on as I came back downstairs, as I sat down in the Office, something stung me inside the jeans, fortunately on my left leg! I shook the jeans but nothing came out, it felt like a wasp sting… I ended up going back upstairs, taking them off, and we both looked but could see no sting, or a bite site, and there was nothing visible inside the jeans. However my leg started to tingle and feel numb.

I thought it would just wear off, as most stings do, but when we returned later it was still giving me a problem, including the feeling that the sting was still under the skin, so Marcela suggested I take an antihistamine tablet, which I did, and it subsided, other than wondering what it was, I thought no more about it. Until the early hours of Wednesday morning, when I woke with the same pains and symptoms  as I had had originally. I couldn\’t sleep with it, so came downstairs for the rest of the night, by morning the pain had gone again. Marcela now thinks it was a spider bite, and if it reoccurs I will have to go to the Doctors! So I am just hoping I have seen the last of it.

Sunday night, we had a visitor, Sebastian came to stay the night, but he will not sleep alone, so Marcela had to sleep with him on the sofa-bed, which is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever come across, it came with Marcela when we moved here, as a result none of us had a great night, and when I got up at my usual time, I gave Marcela a tap, and they moved into our bed!

I have now heard from Spain, and the Power of Attorney has arrived, so hopefully things will start moving again, I really want to get this all resolved now, so we can move our lives on a step or two.

Dieting, well that is a sore subject, the two day diet went out of the window early this week, after two weeks of putting on more than we lost, this was a shame, because early indications were that this would have resolved our problems. We are now on a Low Carb diet, five days a week instead of two, but eating a lot more, a case of little and often, and after the first two days I have lost 1.3kg, however we all know that when you reach that plateau it becomes much harder, so we will just have to see how it goes.

I am still waiting to hear when my replacement Specs will be ready, Marcela now knows I am just winding her up about the Optician, but I shall certainly pay attention on my next visit…ha!ha! and I know that I will have a Chaperone!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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