Passing the Time!

I will certainly be glad when the house in Spain is sold, and I can build up my woodworking workshop again, once we have our own house!

Many people ask me how I spend my time, and unless we go out, either to complete some official matter,  go shopping, or go off sightseeing for the day, I am either occupied by house cleaning, cooking, or more than likely I can be found on the Computer.

Now I spend the first part of the day Moderating on the ExPat Forum I joined, which covers Latin America, it can be quite interesting, because many of the older Members are from the US, and originally I think the Members were exclusively from there. It tells… they have their set ways, and ideas, it is a cultural thing, and they get upset when anyone criticises or offers an alternative view, which will now happen more and more, as the current Owner, is trying his hardest to make it an International Forum, and at the moment I am the only non-US Moderator, which leads to some interesting decisions.

When not on the Forum, I spend a fair bit of time playing with Photographs, I have a variety of software for editing and \’improving\’ my photos, but I wanted something different, so that I can change and create new photos from old, by taking parts of different photos and building entirely new ones. After much searching and trials, I think I have finally found the right software, by TintGuide, it is called \’Picture Cutout Guide\’, and after a short time practising, you can soon see the results, although I have some way to go before they look anything like professional.

Yep…That\’s me sat in the front middle of the display ha!ha! I suppose I should just be grateful Marcela is not patting me on the head!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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