New Eyes!!

Another week bites the dust!

I forgot to mention last week, that I had been to see the Optician, £6 for a test, and we think that is waived if you buy Specs, and I have. My eyesight has changed enough, possibly due to the change in my Blood Pressure medication, that the Optician thinks I should wear glasses permanently, so I have bitten the bullet and gone for a pair of varifocals, fortunately I am able to use an existing frame, but the lenses were only £160, which I did not think was bad for varifocals. We had a phone call yesterday, to say they are ready for collection, so I am going this morning to collect them, and I will be glad to have them, I made a bad judgement, and gave the frames for my only pair of computer specs, so I have been struggling with my reading glasses this week.
We went to the Food Show in Medellin, I was a bit disappointed, it was not what I was expecting, there were a few stalls giving away freebie tasters, and a handful of hardware stalls, but no gadgets, and most were local Restaurants, selling their food. We were there about four hours, that included time for lunch, and we had seen it all at least once, I am glad we did not consider buying a three day ticket. I think I have been spoilt by my previous visits to the NEC.
We had to take the car in to be looked at, the driver\’s door window electrics were playing up, and it was getting worse, with no aircon, this was definitely urgent, unfortunately Marcela\’s Uncle was not able to help, but sent us to someone who could, and now it is fine again. Thank goodness things are relatively cheap here, I am now just hoping the clutch holds out until we can change the car, hopefully later this year.
I had an email from Spain this morning, the Power of Attorney still has not arrived, if it has not been received by next week, I will have to start chasing it up, as nothing can proceed further there until that arrives.
Medellin has nearly completed putting up it\’s Christmas lights, any earlier and they might as well have left them up from last year. They are displayed along the river, which has the autopista (motorway / dual – carriageway) running along either side, so they are a bit like Blackpool lights, they change the theme every year, and although they are being turned on for a couple of events, the official switch on is December 1st, I will certainly go and see those. Unfortunately one of the other cities here, Cali, discovered the other day, that someone had stolen all their lights, $16.5 million U.S. that is some collection someone has in their back garden!!
Update: I have been to collect my glasses, for driving, and reading, they are excellent, but for the computer, they appear to be useless. I spoke with my Brother, this morning, before heading off to collect them, I think he said, they would either be great from the start, or I would have to get used to them. It might just be a case of not being used to varifocals, however I might nip back tomorrow and ask them to check the lenses, at the moment they seem more like bifocals, the top two-thirds appear the same, long distance, and the bottom third for reading.

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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