Ticking Over!

This week has been a mixed bag, on Sunday, Marcela, Maria Elena and I headed off to Guatapé, about an hour and a half away, I had been before with them, when I first came here last November, but it was a lovely day out, you can see more about the place, on my \’Towns and Villages\’ page, the current background picture for this Blog is set there.

Unfortunately this week I have had a couple of setbacks, first we discovered that our bathroom scales are out by a few kilos, and although the recorded weight loss/gain is correct, I have got a bit longer to go until I reach my target. Also not a good week, weight wise, we had eaten out more than in, this week, I gained 2.5kg, and only lost 1.6kg on the diet days, but I am not letting that get me down, overall, it has been pretty good, so we will continue.

Regarding the house in Spain, the power of attorney has been issued in the UK, it has been sent off for the apostille to be added, then will be sent direct to Spain, arriving hopefully next week. I won\’t hear any more on that until it arrives.

Yesterday, we were up before 6am, and set off for the City, as I had a medical for Private Health Cover, to supplement the Health Service, it is something Marcela is keen on, however reading the face of the Doctor, when she heard, my list of current ailments / injuries, and the family history, I am not sure I will be accepted, or it will be at a premium, in which case, I will stick with the basic health service, which is no problem for me, as they have been brilliant so far, the only difference, is that the Private Care is in posh buildings, and the staff smile more, which when you think what you are paying…

Tomorrow, is another diet breaker, it is the start of the equivalent of The Good Food Show here in Medellin today, and Marcela wants to go, so we decided tomorrow is probably the best day, I have seen the plans of the layout, and although not as big an event as that at the NEC in Birmingham, it should be interesting, if only to look for a few more gadgets!!!!

On a National note, this week the President announced he had Prostrate Cancer, and went into hospital yesterday, the Doctors have since announced that the operation was a success, hopefully it was, because Santos is turning out to be a great President for the country.

Also, unrelated to the above, the Peace Talks have been delayed by a week or two due to legal complications, the new date is not clear, as both sides have announced different dates, but hopefully just a glitch!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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