Crazy Week!

Marcela and I went out for our Dia de Amor meal on Saturday, the food was excellent, but the occasion was let down by poor service, mainly due to lack of Staff, which was a shame.

On Sunday, Marcela cooked prawns in garlic for lunch, they were lovely, but will be the last prawns I ever eat. After lunch whilst Marcela and her Mum were beavering away in the kitchen, I went upstairs to read, and suddenly felt unwell, itching all over, and came out in hives. Marcela rushed me to the Medical Centre Emergency Room, where I was taken straight in to the Doctor, to discover I have developed an allergy to shellfish.

I was given an injection in the rear! and then put on a drip for the afternoon, after three bags of solution the hives had disappeared, I was given medication and sent on my way, having been told that if I ate shellfish again I risked going into anaphylactic shock. Since I was by now so full of antihistamine, all I wanted to do was sleep, we must have looked strange walking back across the car park to the car!

Monday, we went out for lunch, and then did some shopping at Carrefour, where I can get my orange marmalade and Chelsea buns!! (Yes I know… diet! )

Tuesday, the start of this weeks dreaded diet, and I got on the scales to find I had put on 1.1kg this week, not that I was surprised, but after two days of purgatory again (for some reason, I found it really hard this week) I was on the scales this morning, and have lost 2.4kg, so taking into account my gain, I have lost another 1.3kg and down to 111.3kg. This certainly gives me the incentive to keep going. Unfortunately, it will be much the same this week, as it is Maria Elena\’s 50th Birthday on Saturday, and we are going out!

Yesterday, I had the last of the Dentist work done, everything has now been replaced, I have just got to go in next week for half an hour for a polish, and I will not be using them again. 

There is a lot of building work going on in the area, unfortunately mostly blocks of apartments, including one that has gone up ten stories in a week, and now blocks out one of our views of hills from the lounge. Even more annoying is the fact that all the builders around here seem to be starting work at 5am, how they get away with that I have no idea, but another reason I will be glad to move out of town. I just hope that the Builders have customers for all these apartments, otherwise it will go the same way as Spain. It also raises another problem for those people already living in the area.

In Colombia all towns are divided into Estratos 1-6, with 1 being the poorest and 6 the affluent, generally you try to avoid being in 1-2. However your bills are set according to the estrato you live in, and if the infrastructure and surroundings are improved, the local Government then change the estrato level accordingly. So in theory you could, and some have, gone from estrato 2 to estrato 6, and found that they are unable to pay their bills, through no fault of their own. There should be a \’red lining\’ of bills for those who owned houses in the area, prior to the work commencing, as it only assists in increasing poverty levels. Fortunately most Fincas out of town are not covered by estratos, so hopefully it will not be a problem, once we are able to buy.

Well, that\’s another week shot by, soon be Christmas… yes decorations are in the shops here to, already!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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