We went to see The Bourne Legacy as planned, it was a good film, I am not sure I would have paid an arm and a leg to see it in the UK, but at our prices it was an afternoon out. Since then, I have downloaded and watched Battleship, which was much more my cup of tea!

I have had a few more dental appointments, the ripping out of the work done in January continues, however on Tuesday, she stopped work on the tooth I had work done on, in Spain, and x-rayed it, then told me there was an infection in the gum, and if I wanted it treating by a Specialist it would be 300,000 pesos, and not under the guarantee, so after talking with her Boss, we made an appointment to see the Health System Dentist, and that occurred this morning, he x-rayed the tooth, and said that in his opinion there is nothing wrong with it, it is just shadows from the work done in Spain!!! However if I have any trouble later he will resolve it. That\’s £120 saved, and I will enjoy telling the Dentist next week.

We have lasted our dieting again this week, and I have lost another 1.6kg, although I had put on 0.3kg during the five days of normal eating, I am pleased, taking that into account I have lost 2.7kg in two weeks, I will definitely stick at this.

I am starting to get frustrated by the apparent lack of action in Spain over my house, so again I am giving them some grief, I feel sorry for the friend acting for me, but hopefully he will pass the whinging on, to the Gestor dealing with it. If this continues, we will end up moving back to Spain, the house will come off the market, and the Gestor can whistle for his money.

For winter, or the wet season, there has been a remarkable amount of sun again this week, and we sit here in the office with the fan going, I still have trouble with the humidity, but I am acclimatising slowly!

I am going to have to be careful, this last couple of weeks, I have been wishing that I was a Policeman again, ha!ha! Although I have got used to driving in the maelstrom over here, it still bugs me that people think traffic lights are to brighten up the streets, and not to direct traffic, there are many, especially taxis who totally ignore the lights, and don\’t even slow down, One-Way Streets are for Pedestrians not traffic, motor bikes and cyclists, and sometimes cars, again totally ignore these, and if you pull out, having looked in the right direction, and hit someone travelling the wrong way, you are at fault not them. God help my if I ever get to the stage I can\’t move my neck, because if you are not looking in every direction at the same time, a bit like \’Churchill\’ then woe betide you!!  Marcela wanted a newer car, if I ever get my money, I am not so sure, I think a Sherman Tank might be a better buy!

Saturday is Valentines Day here, or more correctly, the Day of Love and Friends, so we are off out for a meal in the evening. The shops are full of things to buy, you wouldn\’t get away with just buying a card like in the U.K., in fact they don\’t have cards here of any description (Valentine\’s, Birthday or Christmas) people here are definitely very romantic.

Well that\’s it for another week…Bye for now!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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