Start Dieting and back to the Dentist

What a week… We decided that we both needed to go on a diet, so after much debate and searching on the internet, we settled for a two day diet. This basically consists of being able to consume one litre of milk, one portion of fruit, four portions of vegetables, one multi-vitamin pill and at least another litre of fluids,  for the other five days you eat normally, the details are on the link.

Again, we decided that Tuesday and Wednesdays were the best, as it has to be consecutive days. We really were not looking forward to this, but needs must. Tuesday came, and the weigh in, before we started, although we had agreed on the diet, we had different ideas on how to accomplish it, so we went our own ways. I started by a couple of small cups of milky coffee, out of my allowance, and then chopped up two carrots (2 portions of veg) and put them in the fridge to be used as snacks. I then made some mushroom soup for both of us, with a portion of mushrooms each and the same of onion, and added garlic, the intention was to have this in the evening, but, Marcela decided lunchtime was better for her, and I wasn\’t doing it twice!!! Finally, in the evening I had a sliced up Mango, and more coffee, and that was it! I was ready to raid the fridge by the time we went to bed.

Wednesday morning, and I had lost 0.4kg so at least it was working, although that did not feel much of a consolation, but I decided to keep at it, and again chopped up carrots, and started with my milky coffees, but Marcela took over lunchtime preparation, which consisted of bean sprouts, mushrooms and a few chopped spring onions cooked in soy sauce and then used a stock cube to give it a bit of sauce.

In the Afternoon Marcela was going shopping with her Mum, and asked if I wanted to go, but I declined, knowing that if I went, I would cheat, and end up buying some food. When Marcela returned, she realised what I had meant, as she was starving, but having her Mum with her, she had resisted the urge. Again the evening was fruit, this time I had Papaya.

Thursday morning came, and back to normal eating, but first it was the weigh in, and I had lost another 1.0kg, a total of 1.4kg, and Marcela  a total of 1.8kg. We have therefore decided to give this diet a few weeks to see if it stays off during the other five days, or at least we don\’t gain much, but we are going to look for some more exciting recipes!

Again on Thursday, Marcela rang the Private Dentists I used when I first came to Colombia, the Dentist I saw recently under the Health System, made some comments about the workmanship, so Marcela spoke to the Boss, who gave me an appointment to go in today, just stating, that the Dentist I had seen, had left!! So, this morning we headed off, and I saw another Dentist, who confirmed the work done, had been shoddy, and wanted to replace it all, under the guarantee, so no cost involved. After consulting the head Dentist, this was agreed, so I have a two hour appointment on Monday! I think we now know why the other Dentist has gone… however she may now be practising in Spain, as her Husband was there, and she told me, they had a house in Spain, she will feel right at home, fortunately north of Valencia, so friends have no worry there!!!

After my Dental appointment, we headed into Medellin, as Marcela had some some things to sort out, and then she took me for a Chinese, it was lovely, we had been there before \’Restaurante Asia\’, so no disappointment there.

Tomorrow we are going to the Cinema to see The Bourne Legacy, but otherwise no plans.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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