Mixed Bag!

It has been a funny week, what I thought was just a cold, turned out to be a dose of flu, so I spent most of last week-end in bed, but I had an excellent Nurse!

My previous post about Peace negotiations in Colombia, took another turn early in the week, because although the Paramilitaries said they were willing to hold a ceasefire during the talks, the Government, for better or worse, said they were not, and would still be hunting them down. As a result bombings have increased substantially this week.

The weather is up and down like a yo-yo, one minute glorious sunshine, the next it is bucketing down, with thunder and lightening to match. The is definitely not going to be any water shortages here. Unlike poor old Spain, the Fires down near Malaga were dreadful, I have not heard a recent update, but hopefully they are out now, or at least, under control. What the final death toll will be, I have no idea.

Yesterday (it is now 2.20am here, Saturday morning!) I bought another tool for my collection, so now have my cordless drill, I already have a job lined up for it next week, so the batteries are both on charge!

Tomorrow, I think we are going off looking at Villages again, but this time I will be more careful where we end up!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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