Winter is here!

What a week!  We went as planned with Sebastian to \’Divercity\’, and I was really impressed! the area is set out as a town, with shops, Fire Station (No Police!), Hospital, Ambulance, Couriers, TV Station, Mechanics workshop, Car Sales, an aeroplane and many more, No adults are allowed within the individual units, but can wander around the \’town\’ and there are coffee shops.

The Kids have to work in the units, and are paid in the local currency \’Divy\’, which they can spend in a toy shop before they leave, or keep it for a future visit. Sebastian worked his socks off, and had wads of money, unfortunately by the time we left, the shop was shut, but he did not seem bothered, he was just glad to have all the cash… I used to have a little brother  like that!!! 🙂  It teaches the Children the value of money, and that they will not get something for nothing.

The week-end was horrendous, another long Fiesta, and no sleep! I am sure that Colombians, have problems with their hearing, I have never heard individual hifi units played so loud. On the Saturday, Maria Elena had Sebastian for the night, so they came here for the evening, and the Girls let their hair down!

This week has been the start of \’winter\’, tropical storms, little sun, but still hot and humid, we have both gone down with colds, roll on December and the next \’summer\’ ha!ha!

I have had email contact with Spain, and as a result the Gestor arranging all the paperwork for the house, has been left in no doubt about the position if he wants paying, so he is getting in touch with the Courts when they re-open next month, to see what can be done to speed things up.

Today, I have been informed that I will not be getting a Residency card this year, now we are eight months on, they have decided I can continue with my temporary card for this year. To be honest, at this stage, that makes sense, as long as I get one on renewal.

The fruit diet has gone out of the window (normal breakfast and lunch, then fruit only, and no snacks), we both put on 0.5kg in a week, am I upset, not about giving up the fruit, now I can go back on cakes etc. but I was p**sed off that having given up proper food, that I had gained weight!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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