Another week

It has been a funny old week!  but seems to have past really quickly.

The trip last week-end seems weeks ago now! But it taught me a lesson, however, we are having trouble finding any paper maps of the area, so will have to resort to the Internet.

On Tuesday we both had another Dental appointment, I have to say that although their buildings are not state of the art, I am impressed with the service, we arrived expecting to have to pay another £3.00 each only to be told that it was for each treatment not each visit, so a filling and two x-rays plus a clean, for £3, is a good deal in my book, and now a clean bill of health for another year.

Yesterday, we had a row with the apartment letting Agent, having agreed for us to pay the admin charge to the Urbanisation direct, she changed her mind, so I have had in effect to pay it twice this month to get back in line, which hasn\’t pleased me, but I have told her, that if the payments are not made on time, then I will stop paying the admin, because the Urbanisation stops us using the facilities when it is not our fault.

Then to top the day off, last night we found we had no water, on contacting the Public Services (Provides all services to properties) they said it was off all over the area until 5am this morning for cleaning, they said they had phoned everyone that morning, which from the raised tone of Marcela\’s voice, I knew they were informed that they had not! It turns out the whole area was off, and they had phoned one house in each area… yeah! right! so they think there is Community spirit, and someone is going to tell everyone else… wrong!

I have started firing off emails regarding the slow process in Spain, so hopefully I will have some news on that by next week.

Today we are taking Sebastian out for lunch and to a facility for Children, I have never heard of anywhere else, it is called \’Divercity\’, and set up like a town, so children can dress up and be whatever they want, Doctor, Fireman, Policeman, Shop keeper etc. sounds fun.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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