Busier week!

There has been a bit more activity this week!

Marcela\’s Uncle was great, I had cracked the sump, he also found some unrelated damage under the car, which I suspect was from before our time, he had the lot fixed by Saturday evening, all for 90 quid!

Sunday, we went to Medellin to watch the Batman film, because of all the problems in the U.S.A. they are taking security very seriously, and they had two video cameras rolling, and filming everyone as they entered the Cinema, and up until the film started. In Colombia, most films are left in English and given subtitles, this is because the meaning is nearly always lost in translation, however many Cinemas had this dubbed, for children to watch, and this was the case at our local Cinema. I offered to go to the dubbed version, however Marcela insisted on the subtitles, which is why we went into the City.

I have to say, I was surprised… I enjoyed myself, Cinemas have certainly changed since I last went, comfy reclining seats, and sufficient legroom. The only downside, was not mid-time break with Usherettes and their trays of ice-cream đŸ™‚ by the time it finished I was cross legged.

This week, I started my campaign to buy tools ready for when I have my workshop again, now I have a circular saw, palm sander, router, and portable workbench, to go along wit.h the number of hand tools I have been buying, when there was a little left over. Besides that, I have also started to update my wardrobe, after a bit of encouragement from you know who!

I have spent some time studying my Spanish, although I am now able to have conversations with Maria Elena (Marcela\’s mother), because she has learned to speak slowly for me, I\’ll get there in the end. Besides that I have been busy on the Forum for ex-Pats, so this week has gone fairly fast.

Before you ask! I have watched a little of the Olympics, but I was never one to sit and watch sport, however the other day, I was captivated by the Men\’s Gymnastics final. I have finally given in and purchased a subscription to a Proxy Server, which makes the internet think I am in the UK, so I can use iPlayer etc, and watch Ice Road Truckers… sad, isn\’t it?, but for £35 a year who cares.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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