No car… again!

There has not been much happening this week, other than, going to see the Batman Film has now been put on hold, because I have damaged the sump on the car this afternoon, going over one of the many speed bumps around here, and none of them are forgiving.

We are at the moment waiting for the Grua (Break-down Truck) to come and take it to Marcela\’s Uncle for repair, I haven\’t a clue how much damage has been caused, we heard the contact, but I was not going fast, so it could be anything.

The weather is still hot reaching 28-30º most days but the humidity reaches 78% and that is the killer!

Between swimming and walking, I have been getting my exercise, but I don\’t seem to be losing any weight, and there is no sign of it turning to muscle either!!!!!

I have been spending a few hours a day Moderating the forum for Ex-Pats, it has had it\’s moments, more so with a couple of the other Moderators, who are from the U.S. they are very stuck in their ways, and do not like, sorry… do not accept change, they want everything to be done to suit those from the \’Good ole U.S.of A.) and I have pointed out that Latin America is not part of their Country, and Ex-Pats from other parts of the world are members as well… Yep… no change, I still know how to make friends and influence people!

Whilst writing this, the Grua has been and collected the car, so hopefully we will know tonight or in the morning what the damage is!

Going back to the subject of culture differences, even between here and Spain there are big differences, and one of those is the way children speak to their Parents. In Spain you heard then talking and calling \’Mama\’ or \’Papa\’, non of that here!  they talk to their Parents as they would talk to any other adult, and call them \’Señora\’ or \’Señor\’, and that goes for young children, as well as adult children, the respect is built in, I am not sure that extends to Foreigners though, I am still referred to as the Gringo!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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