Car Serviced

Yesterday, we went out mid morning, taking the car to Marcela\’s Uncle for it\’s service, he told us it would be   about three hours, so we left it with him.

Nearby were a load of motorcycle shops, so we had a mouch, and chatted with a Salesman in the Honda shop, a new Honda Shadow 750cc would cost me 31,000,000-00 Pesos… sounds a lot doesn\’t it? He told us that there are not many second hand big bikes, as most people here buy under 250cc.  From there we went on to the DIY Supermarket where I decided that we will have to buy a very small house, if I am going to have the money to replace my tools, hahaha!

After lunch, we headed back, the car was ready, everything in order, and the wheels changed cross ways front to back, so we headed back, stopping to do our shopping on the way. We also called to find out what had happened to our shower head that had been sent away under warranty, only they could find no trace of it, which was no surprise as there system is so chaotic, so they gave us a credit note, which suited us, as I had already replaced the shower head.

Today, I walked into Town to run some errands, whilst I was doing that Marcela took to the swimming pool, I returned about 11.20am to find her still in the pool, but much happier, as we had been able to buy her some swimming ear plugs.

When Marcela was ready, which I can tell you, is not quick!! we headed out again for an hour or so, before coming back dripping, it is so humid, so we had a siesta, and another day bites the dust.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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