Sorry, I just realised I have not been here for three days…

After going to the expense of buying another pillow, I am not sure that this one is right… Those of you that know me, will know pillows have always been a pain in the backside, I had enough stored away in Spain to open a pillow shop, and the same in the U.K. so it comes as no surprise to me, that the same will happen here!

What happened on Thursday?… I can\’t remember so I will have to skip that! Yesterday, we went for a swim in the morning, and it was serious length swimming, not a leisurely mess in the pool. Then we headed into Town for Marcela to sort out some business, before heading to the Commercial Centre for lunch, then a bit of retail therapy, before heading off into the car park for my first Blood Pressure Clinic.

The Doctor I saw was very nice, she did not press me about my weight, possibly because she could have done with losing a few pounds as well!! My BP was a little high, but I think that was more to do with the timing of the appointment, just after lunch.The Doc went through my sample test results, and ECG, she was very pleased with the ECG, at least I know my heart is still pounding. However she was  concerned at my cholesterol results, and thought maybe I had a sugar problem, so I have got to go for another blood test, in case it is the onset of diabetes, which I do not think it is, it is just that I like sweet things, which I will now have to cut down on 😦 She then changed my medication, which I was not over happy about, as I have been stable on the current tablets for a few years, but we will have to see what happens. My next appointment is in two months.

This morning, I was up and out at 7.30, walking, before it became too hot, I climbed up the hill overlooking this part of Bello, I won\’t make out it was a mountain, because it wasn\’t, but it still had my heart beating a bit faster!        

Fortunately I had my Father\’s walking stick with me, it has accompanied me where ever I have been, and it stopped me descending the hill, in an undignified manner!

I certainly knew I had been out for a walk, by the time I returned home for my shower. Did Marcela go with me… Don\’t be silly, she doesn\’t do early mornings!

After breakfast, Marcela headed off with her Mother into Town, and I stayed to do some cleaning and back on the computer!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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