Family Research

It has been a frustrating couple of days, in between doing other jobs, I have dug out my Family Tree research, and  between the software \’ Family Tree Maker\’ and the online, I have nearly been pulling my hair out.

I started by inputting all the records I had, which took me back to 1740, I then uploaded this to the online site, which is when everything started going wrong. Whilst searching online, I found another distant member of the family, who had overlapped my records, and widened the family detail, although they were far more detailed, because I am just following my Fathers Family back, so do not go any further with any family member who is not a Sale, and they have gone in every direction. Anyway between this person and some online research of documents I am now back to 1547.

I then went to sync my online Tree with the Software, as they are by the same Company, and my online Tree disappeared, and had not transferred all the data, so it was back to the drawing board, I uploaded the info I had, and started to input again, only to discover that the original Tree had reappeared, and was causing conflict. Before pitching my computer through the window, I worked out which Tree was currently linked to my Software, and deleted the other. Fingers crossed, it appears to be working now. Finding documents relating to members of the family is good fun, and certainly helps to crystallize dates. Unfortunately I have only taken out a trial membership on UK Documents, because it turns out that many of my Family went to America and Canada for a time, why? there is no clue, maybe they were prospecting. The Family seem to have covered a broad cross-section of occupations, from Senior Army Officers, Air Force, Clergy, Butchers, Evangelists and the list goes on, I haven\’t come across any other Police Officers, so it looks as if I added another one to the list.

I have enjoyed a few days messing with this, but I am glad I only took a trial membership, the frustrations of using the site, would make me angry if money had changed hands. I will probably set up a folder to save a lot of the work, for future reference, and then remove the software when I move on to other things. Which I will be doing, because studying Spanish is a priority again, and Marcela\’s cousin has offered to intercambio, he went to University to study English, and is a nice Bloke, so when we get round to it…

Right, that\’s it for today, off for a shower!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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