A mixed bag!

Oh well, yesterday was a fun day, I had the entire Clan around here, and they were ganging up on me, because I have started smoking again, I know they are only concerned for my health, but… at the moment I am only smoking two or three bowls a day, which is less than three cigarettes, but it did bring a lump to my throat, when Sebastian burst out crying, and asked me to stop!

This morning Marcela and I headed off to the City, she had to call into the Office, so I had a poke around the nearby shops, whilst waiting for her. We then went to Restaurante Nuqui, which specialises in seafood, we both had Trout in garlic, it was beautiful. From there we went to our favourite shop Pan Americana, where I bought a plug-in microphone, because I am doing this Spanish course, and I don\’t like using my headset all the time, it is only a cheap laptop plug in, but it works. We then went via Maria Elena\’s work, and picked her up,  stopping in Bello on the way home, to help get her a new TV as hers had packed up.

By the time we had called at Maria Elena\’s, and helped her install her new TV, time was getting on. Marcela has big plans for tomorrow, first swimming, then walking up into town, I will be surprised if there are not some changes by then!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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