Oh Dear!

Had heavy rain and thunder storms last night, fortunately nothing came through the roof, as our repairman had covered the offending area with plastic.

First thing this morning we went round to a local builders yard and bought some more tiles, then Marcela disappeared for her meeting in the City, not that I wanted her to go! 😉

 she had not even got to the end of the road, when the man (must find out his name!) came around, and did a permanent roof repair, so we are watertight for once! and he only charged me the equivalent of seven pounds… bargain!

I then did some studying, I have let my Spanish studies slip, and decided I need to do a bit more, so I have a  copy of Rosetta Stone… say no more!!!!

I had decided to walk into Town, both to deliver some documents to the Letting Agent, and because I have decided to take up my pipe again, so I bought another pipe, and sat in the Square and had a puff, I have to admit I enjoyed it, and I haven\’t felt the urge since, so hopefully it will not be back to the old days. Her Ladyship is not happy, and said \’let\’s make a deal\’ swim and walk every day to counter the unhealthy decision I have taken… too late Madam, I have already started!

We have been out for lunch, and done our main weekly shop, now it is baking hot, and I think we will be in for another storm tonight.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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