I\’ve had better days!

Woke early this morning feeling a bit rough, and it was not long before I was camped in the bathroom! It turned out that Marcela, Sandra and Oscar had also felt off, but to a lesser degree, whether it was the Chinese take-away yesterday, or something else, we will probably never know. Eventually I took some tablets, so that I could stay out of the bathroom for longer than thirty seconds! 

Then we were visited by the Administrator\’s Husband, he had seen me taking photos of the roof, and it was him who had done the previous repair, and offered to step in again. He removed all the broken tiles, it looked worse than it was, there are seven in total that need replacing. He then moved some good one from outside the bedroom window, and replaced those above, and round the corner. When I am able to get the replacements, he will just have to reach out of the window. He also did a running repair on the flashing, which is that stick on foil fronted stuff, that is rubbish, and had come away from the wall.

I had some soup for lunch, which has stayed where it should which is a good sign. We then went to Home Center which was the only place open today, being a Fiesta, but they had run out of tiles, so I will have to scoot out early in the morning to get them, as Marcela needs the car to go to a meeting in the city.

Not much else to report, so will sign off for now.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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