Busy day!

Had to be up early this morning, we had an appointment in Medellin for 8.30am, because the shading film on the car back window was coming away, it was being sorted under warranty, so the alarm was set for 6am, however I was awake at 5.30am… typical!

We just made it on time, due to a number of hold-ups due to broken down vehicles,  a couple of minutes later the lad arrived ( At Marcela\’s Uncles Garage), so we went for a coffee, and I was just about to suggest we went for a walk, (as there were a number of motorcycle showrooms nearby), when he appeared, job done, that was quick, how long it lasts remains to be seen.

We then went to do some window shopping, before going to a nearby store to replenish Marcela\’s supply of Agatha Christie books, I have told her I am not employing her as a Detective, she hasn\’t got one case right so far…ha!ha! I bought a set of twelve spot dominos made up of 91 tiles, that should keep the games going a bit longer!

However when we got back to the car, we found that someone had knocked one of the wing mirrors out of it\’s socket, Marcela got out to look, and thought it was broken, so we headed off for a Chevrolet parts shop, when we pulled up outside, I got out to have a look, fortunately nothing had been broken, and I was able to push it back into place, whether it had been intentional or accidental we will never know, but no permanent damage done.

I was then taken out for lunch as Restaurante Asia in El Poblado, it was a lovely meal, Chinese & International menu, not an Asian or Chinese person in sight!!! and certainly not as cheap as in Spain, but it was a lovely meal, with views across the city.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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