Back to normal

Charlie went back on Monday evening, he was happy enough to see his Foster mum again, I think if we had kept him longer and then returned him, he would have been effected, but as it was he thought he had been on holiday! Anyway Milena was good about it, and said they would certainly help us find the right dog, when we were ready.

Yesterday seemed quiet without Charlie about, but we are back into our routines. We had to go and buy another electric shower head, as ours was knackered, we took it back, but it has to be sent away to be evaluated before they will either repair or replace it, and the idea of a week or two without, did not bear thinking about, however this cheap one, gives hotter water, so maybe it was a good thing.

I then put up a blind in our office, to try and cool it down a bit, it should stop the sun belting in, we will have to wait and see.

Today, we woke to find damage to the roof, heard nothing in the night, but a tile had come off the bedroom roof and smashed two on the roof over the lounge, also the gutter downpipe had come adrift. So Marcela rang the Agent who said the owner had not paid for the last lot of work yet, but if we wanted to pay the man, she would try to get the money back later…. sorry but have I got \’MUG\’ stamped on my forehead!! So I went out of the window, pushed the downpipe back into place, and used the tile from the top roof to replace one of the broken ones, and bits from that to cover the space on the other broken one, so now we had to wait for another storm to see if water comes into the bedroom again, because there is obviously a whole tile missing from up there.

I have also finished scanning and cataloguing all Marcela\’s files, we will now have to see if she maintains the system!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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