Losing the Plot!

Yesterday… I think my memory is going, I haven\’t much of a clue, I know I peeled the vegs for lunch, and Marcela made it, but the rest of the morning and afternoon… Oh well! it can\’t have been that interesting.

In the evening we had to go to the Commercial Centre, Marcela uses it as a meeting point for Clients, so I pottered round whilst she conducted her business. I did have one indulgence, there is a Dunkin Donuts there, which I keep looking at, but always pass, not last night! I bought six, some mora (blackberry) and others strawberry, they were gorgeous, just like I remember Morrisons donuts. On our return we received a phone call from Maria Elena, her laptop was not working, so we nipped round, (with two donuts for Maria Elena and Sebastian) and after a hard reset, it was running normally again… panic over!

This morning Marcela had to go into the city to meet a Client, so I set to with the filing system again, now I am up to the end of July, but I fear that will all change when I eventually twist Marcela\’s arm, and get her to download all the documents she has attached to emails. I have run out of file covers for the hard copies, so we will have to go to the Stationers next week.

On her way home, Marcela collected Maria Elena, who had taken Sebastian for a Medical check up, so I suggested we all take Sebastian for a Burger, but he was a little off colour today, so hardly touched his food, and was not his usual self when we took him into the \’Kids Centre\’ to play for a while.

Back home, I continued with some correspondence I was doing, it is the case that there are many things you can not buy here, and to buy them from the U.S. is possible but doing it direct is expensive and risky, however there are companies that will do it for you, you register with their US address, and any purchase is sent to them, they then fly it into Colombia, and you can either collect the parcel or document from their Office, which is the cheaper option, or they will deliver it for a fee, so I have set this up with the first option, as their local office, is only on the other side of the City.

I then went to pay my monthly health contributions, and managed to lock myself out of my account, because I had forgotten my security questions! Marcela spent a while on the phone, and I can\’t get back in until 11am tomorrow, which is a pain, but at least the security works! I don\’t like doing it, but I am going to have to make a record of my security questions somewhere.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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