Car problems

Yesterday, we had visitors in the afternoon, Maria Elena came round with Sebastian, she has been given two weeks holidays due to lack of work, which goes to show, the problem is world wide. As a result we had an excuse to take Sebastian out for an ice-cream, not that we needed one, but it made us feel better!

While Marcela, Mum and Sebastian went off to mooch, I slipped to my favourite DIY shop, and bought a power washer.

This morning I was up bright and early, and laid out everything ready to power-wash the car, only to find I needed some hose attachments, so it was back to hand washing!

Late morning we went out to buy the bits for the hosepipe, had lunch out, and then went to drop some documents off with a Colleague of Marcela, after which we went on into Medellin to her Uncle\’s Workshop, to let him change a bulb I could not get to, and check on the radiator water, the expansion tank had been totally empty this morning, he thought it could either be the thermostat or water pump, and we arranged to take it back in on Monday.  Just down the road, the car died, fortunately I was able to coast to the side of the road, and once it had cooled, it started again and got us home.

We wont be using the car again until \’Uncle\’ has worked on it, Marcela is going to arrange for a Grua to collect it Monday morning.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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